Dimitri Desiron


Dimitri Desiron (Antwerp, Belgium, September 30, 1971) attended classical drawing classes between 1983 and 1989 at the Academy of Visual Arts in Brasschaat near Antwerp, obtained a Master's degree in translation (French-Spanish-Dutch) in 1994 at the Antwerp Institute for Translators and Interpreters (currently part of the University of Antwerp Faculty of Arts) and worked several years as a graphic designer until he decided to dedicate himself to what he loves most - painting.

In his paintings, he depicts a quiet, introspective world, inspired by mainly urban environments with a discrete human presence. Light is a key element in the choice of his subjects, and his sense of detail pushes him to an ever ongoing search for hidden beauty in the architectural elements and textures of his everyday surroundings, unveiling a universe all of its own where time seems to have taken a pause.

All paintings are executed in oil on canvas or panel.